The Elternrat plays an important part in the successful running of the school and the students' education. We hold meetings on topics of educational interest to parents and we support the work of the school in many other ways.


Aims and Objectives:

  • To seek to represent the views of parents and guardians.
  • To consult and inform parents regarding school policy and plans.
  • To promote good relations and cooperation between the parents, teachers and pupils.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and consultation on matters of mutual concern to parents, teachers and pupils.
  • To support and organize activities in support of the school.


Our annual projects:

  • School safety workshops
  • School break time fundraising – cake and coffee sale
  • Educational Workshops for Children
  • Christmas trees decoration morning
  • Christmas tree light – an evening to get together and celebrate the season
  • Parents Education (lectures and information events)
  • Afternoons Games
  • Family flea market and summer festival
  • Summer Holiday Pass - Scooterday


We are always open to new ideas and new projects!