Regulations of the Parents Council of the School Unit Au


1. Principles


1.1 These regulations apply to the participation of the parents / educators in the school unit Au.


1.2 The Elternrat is non-confessional and politically neutral.


1.3 The Elternrat is guided by the most important concerns concerning the whole school unit.


1.4 The personal and ideational support of parents in class or school projects promotes intercrossed contacts between pupils, parents and teachers. This promotes identification and integration within the entire school unit.


2. Composition of the Parents Council


2.1 The Elternrat is made up of representatives of school and kindergarten classes (as a rule 2 people each), the school management (1 person) and teachers (2 persons).


2.2 The Management Board shall be formed and elected by the representatives of the classes. The Board is composed of the President, Vice-President and Secretary-General.


2.3 The teachers of the first and fourth classes are obliged to carry out the election of the representatives in the first school quarter.


2.4 In the kindergarten classes, the elections are held annually in the first quarter.


2.5 Class representations generally remain in the office for the duration of a class award (three years). Substitutions / new elections are organized in the respective classes.


3. The tasks and competences of the parent council


3.1 The Elternrat promotes the exchange between the parents and the teacher.


3.2 The Elternrat supports the teachers in school activities and contributes to the public relations work of the school.


3.3 The Elternrat regularly informs all parents of their activities.


3.4 Elternrat may organize information and discussion sessions on current educational and social issues.


3.5 As required, the Elternrat may assign individual tasks to specific work groups, as well as to assist teachers and other professionals.


3.6 The Elternrat has the right to apply to the school management.


3.7 The Elternrat can be consulted and supported by the school. Regulations of the Parents Council of the School Unit Au


3.8 The Elternrat meets as a rule quarterly (at least twice a year). The school management and the teaching staff participate in the meetings with an advisory vote.


3.9 The Elternrat shall elect the board of directors.


3.10 The decisions of the meetings shall be recorded in a minutes.


3.11 The school council and the housekeeper shall make the school councils and infrastructure available to the Elternrat.


3.12 In the case of major events, the Executive Board shall draw up a detailed budget, which will be submitted to the finance department via the school management. Liability claims against the Elternrat are excluded. The Elternrat is voluntary (without remuneration).


4. Tasks and responsibilities of the Board of Management


4.1 The Board shall constitute itself.


4.2 The Board of Management shall annually organize the election or re-election of the Board of Management by the Parents Council.


4.3 The Executive Board, together with the school management, shall determine the dates for the meetings.


4.4 The Board prepares, monitors, and draws up the meetings of the Parents Council.


4.5 The Management Board maintains contact with the school management and temporary working groups.


4.6 The Executive Board is responsible for the working groups.


5. Accruals


5.1 The Elternrat has no supervisory functions.


5.2 The Elternrat has no competence to co-operate in the areas of: teaching, curriculum and learning objectives, methodology and didactics, personnel.


5.3 The members of the Elternrat do not represent individual interests (neither within the Elternrat nor in relation to individual pupils).