School Management and the Parents Council


On behalf of the School Management of Au, we would like to give the Parents Council of Au a heartfelt compliment: the newly designed website is very nicely done. It shows the Parents Council’s close cooperation with the school; the variety of projects, both cheerful and joyful, and yet at other times  serious and very important; how they are planned and carried out and the recurring opportunities where the parents can network – we observe all this with great respect and we look forward to the good, mutually trusting cooperation.


The Parents Council contributes a lot to the mood of the school: contact with the school staff enables questions to be personally clarified and sown. The children get to know the stance of the parents and the school and they see there is close cooperation. The school can communicate support to the parents, and vice versa, having a Parents’ Council often enriches school life. It is give and take and an initiative that is always in the interest of the children.


That this cooperation is possible in such good spirit requires mutual awareness and understanding. We are lucky that this is so in Au! The care shown goes so far that the website is bilingual. With this sign, the Parents Council of Au signals, in addition to everything, the wish for successful integration, which, as I said at the beginning, is worth a big compliment.


Reinhard Weder

Regula Pfirter, School Management